A New Creative Space for Life

We’re a new cultural start-up based in the San Francisco Bay Area devoted to exploring how we live our lives and how we can reimagine a public space for the common good.

Storefront Institute delivers discussion-based public programs that focus on what really matters in life: family, work, community, understanding ourselves, relating to others, finding purpose and meaning, making the world a better place. Facilitated by the Bay Area's best practitioners from a variety of fields, our programs provide the tools, resources and research to open up new perspectives that help us better navigate our lives.

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who we are:

The economy, family, community, religion, and education (all the big stuff) are going through profound changes. And our emotional lives, psychological well-being, and sense of how to live are being intimately affected.

We need a new kind of space that brings people together to better understand ourselves, the world around us, and each other. 

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what we do:

Our programs are designed to make ideas personal, to create space in our lives for the big questions, and to bring people together to learn, think, and do. 

Storefront Institute is a place for changing how you think about yourself and the world. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot.


where you can find us:

So far, we've been in residence and popping up at co-working and maker spaces, cafes, studios, and other public venues. Now, we're working on a permanent location, a new kind space that brings together individuals and organizations who work at the intersection of everyday life and creative practice. We'll be announcing details soon.