Subscription Service

Here on the blog, we’re starting a new (occasional) series of things that we’ve found in our constant research, sometimes travels, and diverse experiences, that we love. Things in which ideas for living take on object form, or that do some of the work that Storefront aims to do around connection - social, intellectual and practical – in material / physical forms. (There’s that curator bit coming out.)


As we’re embarking on a new collaboration with Case for Making (see here), we thought we’d start with their studio subscription. Each quarter, Alexis Petty & her team of practitioners handpicks items from their shop collection roughly arranged around a theme (with their own stories and advice added in). So far in 2016 they’ve had sets around Grayscale / Drafting (Jan, Feb, March), and Ultramarine / Watercolor (April, May, June). They are about to send out Gold / Additive & Subtractive (July, August, Sept) and are currently working on the theme for the Oct, Nov, Dec set. It’s $45 for a three-month subscription, which is kind of a bargain.


We love the idea of this studio subscription for the amateur or the expert; they encourage dabbling and experimentation, but also build on knowledge, craft, and talent where you have, and if you have, it. Plus, it’s personal, because it’s the creative obsessions of Alexis and her team taking material form and being sent to you, so that you can have your own in whatever shape or form makes sense in your own life / practice. It's like an intimate dialog, that takes place over a year, one finely-curated package at a time.