this & that: edition 1

What we’re stumbling on, thinking about, and working through this month:

We’re learning that America’s new epidemic: deaths of despair is worlds apart from our over-abundance of self-help. We’re shifting our understanding of how children grasp the mental lives of others. Teenagers are taking on coping strategies for the adult anxieties that they have to deal with. We need better ways to define mental disorders, approach our working lives, and structure our time. Writer Jeanette Winterson has been questioning our idea of modern marriages and another writer Colum McCann has been giving out advice to young writers that we all need to use (including 1. Don’t be a Dick).

We’re still obsessed with Podcasts. Did you see that the NYT has a new Podcast Club – kind of like a book club but with podcasts (we need one at Storefront). The Guardian has a great piece about podcasts by women. And we’ve been spending some time with the girls over at The High-Low (personally stealing the idea of Life Lilos) and new podcast Making Ways, recently featuring our friends over at Case for Making.

We’ve discovered and are now using Resistbot and Daily Action; have found a way to be ok with Trump’s tweets (well, almost) Make Tweets Great Again; and we’re catching up as much as we can with What the Fuck Just Happened. Look at what therapists advise for dealing with the stresses around our contemporary situation. We are still (always) lobbying for the support of the arts – because of this Creative Expression and American Greatness; this on the benefits of the arts to mental well-being; and this new report on the value of the Creative Economy.

We’re looking forward to seeing Jerome Reyes at YBCA, reading new magazine Anxy, and finishing Bee Wilson’s fascinating book on why we eat what we do, First Bite. For those over in the UK, did you see that M&S is launching Frazzled Cafes? Brilliant idea, very much needed.