Doing things a bit differently

There's an abundance of wellness and well-being in the Bay Area but we don't think we're that. We’re kind of to the side of that. We take the ambition of those industries to do good, human good, but we strive to do some different things with it: to rethink that language (no north stars or true selves here), to look across disparate disciplines to see what they can offer a narrative of life (not just therapists but artists, writers, designers, chefs), and to position the thinking right next to the doing, so if you do have a realization, an epiphany, we’ll figure out what to do with that. 

We’ll make sure that whichever program you are attending actually speaks in a language, and is delivered in a form, that you can actually, and will want to, use in your everyday life. We’re trying to avoid being too workshoppy and too self-helpy, and also those other pitfalls of this world, too esoteric and too highbrow. 

We’re a bit too cynical for that other way of working, perhaps. But we also believe those models of care are evolving and we want to explore that too.

We're working on new programs, new collaborations, and new ways of thinking about being in the world. Just hold on a bit longer. We'll have more to tell you soon!