Modern Life

Playing in Shortform


This week we're playing around with taglines and thought we'd share our brainstorming with you. There are some real gems and groaners here, but we're having fun figuring out how to tell you what it is in one line that we do. We're not known for brevity, so this is a real challenge for us. What's interesting is how that syrupy self-help language can easily creep in. We have such brilliant ways of talking about culture and learning but add in wellbeing and you're into the trap of not really saying anything at all. 

Let us know if any leap out at you! We have our favorites - you'll see which in our big reveal coming soon!


A new public space for the common good

Change the conversation

Making the big ideas personal

A public think tank about our personal lives

A maker space for our personal lives

Public discussion about our personal lives 

Making learning personal, making learning public 

Grad school for real people 

Be the change you want to see in the world 

Helping you be the change you want to see in the world

Where ideas come to life. 

Where life comes to practice. 

Thinking. Being. Doing. 

Ideas to change how we think about ourselves and the world

Cultural Work for Change

Discover new ideas about yourself and the world

A think tank for life practice

A laboratory for life practice

A workshop for life practice

Practice your life 

Ideas and practice for well-being

Possibilities for your life practice 

Possibilities for 21st-century life practice

A laboratory for practical life 

 21st Century Life Practice 

 A learning community for the 21st century 

 21st-century life matters 

 Explore being human in the 21st century 

A space designed for the human good 

Ideas for everyday life 

Curating for everyday life

A new cultural institution for the human good 

Thinking finds company

Thinking in company

People-centered, design-minded, socially conscious. 

For a life less ordinary. 

A well-examined life

For life’s situations / For all of life’s situations

What you need, when you need it, at any stage in life.  

We need to talk. 

Learning for Life’s sake. 

Building a community around ideas 

Build community around ideas

Build community around an idea 

Creating community around ideas. 

Life. Practice. 

Real ideas. Real time. Real life. 

The Thinking Room. 

Thought-full [ok, we'll add the groan ourselves here!]

Life. Learning. 

Lessons for living. 

Come together. 

Because living takes practice.


What is it? 

It’s OnBeing in physical form; it's Brainpickings in physical form; it's a great magazine in physical form.

Its 18 reasons about life not food 

It’s the cool Aunt to therapy’s Daddy 

Its maintenance, checking in, coming up for air. 

It's personal and playful 

It's not taking too seriously those things to take seriously. 

It's saying, going, doing, before you are ready. 

It’s a year before x

It's all of the above.