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What do you do?

What do you do?

Isn’t that the essential first question? Not only on websites but when we first meet and greet someone? In short (because hopefully, our website does some of this) we program around ideas for living, developing classes, workshops and office hours with a variety of practitioners from the breadth of culture, the humanities, and therapeutic practices. 

We’re about building an infrastructure of values that both make sense (no self-help gobbledygook) and that you can actually implement in your everyday life. We touch on ideas such as compassion, mindfulness and loving-kindness, creativity, connection, and meaning, but we'll also question some of the received wisdom we’re getting around these. Happiness, really, what is that? And positive psychology, how does that help me? Does all this thinking actually get me anywhere real?

At Storefront we place the stress on learning in company – yes it's an individual’s journey to figure out who they are or what they need, but you actually need to do this with other people, for it to be effective, meaningful and fun. We spend so much time now in our own heads (or displaced in various technical media), and less and less and less with real, actual people, in conversation and in relationship, and that’s actually the vital bit. We’re about reviving some of that real-world connection and content.

What else? We’re about bringing together the personal and examining and mulling over ideas of self, but we also want to connect who you are on an individual level back to that wider idea of society. We're interested in you and we're interested in what’s actually going on out in the world around you. 

We look at those larger factors that are shaping much of what’s happening today, and probably in your own life too. So if we talk about work, and your personal relationship to it, we’ll also bring in how the culture of a workplace and the working day are shifting. And if we talk about relationships, we’ll figure out the emotional space, as well as how evolving ideas of time, place, technology, even language, are affecting how we talk, and love, and friend.

And finally, we ask serious questions, but as playfully and lightly as possible. We think a lot about the content of our program and as much about how it’s conveyed, delivered and brought to you. If you get nothing of the above heady stuff out of it, we want you to at least have had a good experience.

But we need you as we shape our program. We're planning our next series on the urgent subjects of our everyday lives. Help us think about what's coming up. What would you like to see us cover - curiosity, participation, integrity, change, distraction, attention, creativity, activism, or something different? What are those big subject questions that overlap with your personal life? What are you thinking about and what do you need help working through, in company, with great people.  

We've created this space, but it is with you very much in mind. 

So what do we do? Whatever you need us to.