this & that: edition 2

What we’re stumbling on, thinking about, and working through this month.

We’re paying more attention to how our mental and physical health are connected, our changing relationship with ideas, the extraordinary power of placebos, how politeness is affecting our authenticity, why millennial men want stay at home wives, whether you can take your baby to work and how public art can expose class tensions

More and more how-to’s on changing your life, losing like a winner, being kind to everyone, dealing with our ever evolving work lives and meeting someone in real life. There’s probably a whole how-to’s link newsletter that we could write.

Read this extraordinary piece about Chef Daniel Patterson. Then get around to those other people you haven’t managed to read like David Foster Wallace, J.D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy (listen to Ezra Klein’s excellent podcast with the author) or these many books on equality being discussed on Our Shared Shelf. As the news has become more depressing, and now even frightening, we’ve been ending our day with Positive News. If you are stuck for what else to read here’s an advice column for readers.

We’re looking forward to Ted Cinema in May, the Bay Area Book Festival Berkeley in early June,  and new SF space Parlor, “part community living room, part art house, and part greenhouse”.

Over the next couple of weeks, go Old School and actually write to your senators with new stationary designed for resistance and find your Key Trait with The School of Life (ours, "Lyrical", in an aspirational way of course). Civic innovator? Apply to this. Civic minded? Apply for this

More in a couple of weeks...