Storefront Institute

Because living takes practice.

Connecting us together, sharing our stories, giving us new opportunities to learn and do. Working across different fields – the arts, design, therapy and self-help, the humanities, neuroscience and psychology – Storefront Institute brings together interesting, challenging, transformative perspectives on how to live a meaningful life. Storefront Institute is a place for changing how you think about yourself and the world. Maybe a little. Maybe a lot.


When you participate in Storefront Institute, we invite you to roll up your sleeves and ask big questions about yourself and about what can help you better handle whatever ails, perplexes and troubles you in this mixed-up, beautiful world of ours. Our programs connect you to people and ideas designed to help you develop a life practice and support your (and our) emotional and social good. Creating community around learning, Storefront Institute is a new kind of cultural institution that serves who we are as people today.

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Why Storefront Institute?

Storefront Institute is about what’s happening in our world, workplaces, our careers, our public spaces, our relationships, our families, ourselves.  It’s a new cultural institution that connect people to ideas, and ideas back to people.  It’s about us.

We believe that who we are is as important as what we do for a living, that emotional fitness is as valuable as physical exercise, and that developing social intelligence is as critical as investing in our professional development. We’re about learning not for the resume nor “learning for learning’s sake”—but learning for life’s sake.

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