Hello Oakland!

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We're excited to announce a new partnership and project!

Storefront Institute / Oakland Works in Progress are working on a new creative space for life in Downtown Oakland that brings together innovative organizations focusing on cultural work for change.

Over the past two years, artist Arianne Dar and architect Joe Lambert have renovated a 17,000 square feet Art Déco building into a new multipurpose venue. 

Now we’re ready to fill it with initiatives that are people-centered, design-minded and socially conscious. We’re aiming to bring together, under one roof, those initiatives that reflect our belief in the importance of social connection, community and culture, in all it forms, to shape and affect our everyday lives in positive ways.

We’re imagining co-working and maker spaces, galleries, studios and classrooms, a café, meeting rooms, and a production space for local businesses—multi-use spaces that are animated in different ways, with different content and people, over the course of a day.

With Storefront Institute / Oakland Works in Progress, we're developing a new public space that brings together individuals and organizations who work at the intersection of everyday life and creative practice. This will be a new building that’s all about thinking, being and doing, and what that means right here, right now.

There’s nowhere quite like it in the Bay Area. Yet.


If you are interested in bringing your cultural enterprise, gallery, studio, classroom, office or other business venture into this space, then reach out to us.

Or if you want to help us get this going through partnerships, collaborations, financial support or other good vibes we'd love to hear from you!

We're at oakland@storefrontinstitute.com.