our Programs

Storefront Institute puts forward serious questions about life in smart, engaging, and playful ways. At Storefront Institute, this might mean a one-on-one with an advice columnist, a finanseer or an improv coach, a class that explores an emotional toolkit to bring compassion and meditation into focus with neuroscience, or a group project that develops empathy through community involvement.

Wondering what we offer at Storefront Institute?  Look no further!


open classroom

Facilitated small-group classes where you'll get to learn about and discuss the psychology, science, and philosophy of daily life. These are designed to help you think in new ways about everyday life in the context of wider social issues (e.g., our thinking and feeling habits, our working lives, and community). 


Practice studio

Our Practice Studio is about learning through making—working with artists, designers, and other cultural practitioners to create something that speaks to wider life issues. Here we put ideas into practice. Through project-based learning, Practice Studios provide the opportunity to work with concepts and reflection in a real-world, hands-on way.


Office Hours

Office Hours provides one-on-one advising/coaching/support sessions to help participants get unstuck, see things from new perspectives and identify new approaches to thinking about life’s problems.


We work with insightful practitioners of all stripes; what could a writer, a designer, an advice columnist, an astrologer, an improv coach, or an eco-therapist help you with? Just ask!

All our programs are open to the public and are designed to be affordable and accessible. 



All the above would be nothing without our practitioners.

We have a wider idea of who practitioners can be: creative, socially-engaged, freelance, from the humanities, culture, and social sciences.

We offer new ways for artists, writers, makers, and generalists to spark their learning, engage with the public and each other, and build a supportive community.

Storefront Institute works with people from a variety of disciplines who have something meaningful to say about living in today’s world. Rather than being an “expert” though, our faculty are most interested in finding ways to equip people with the ideas, tools, resources, and practices that can support them through their lives. 

Want to work with us? Get in touch by telling us why you'd be a good fit and what you would be interested in teaching (also why). Also tell us a little about yourself, a short bio would be brilliant. Send to hello@storefrontinstitute.com and we'll get back to you.