Storefront Institute: discussion-based programs to help you think about and live your life in the 21st century.



Facilitated, discussion-based group classes on the psychology, science, and philosophy of daily life and well-being to help you think in new ways about everyday life issues.


Learn by doing as artists and makers lead small groups in making and talking.


One-on-one advising/coaching/support sessions with interesting and intelligent practitioners of all stripes. What could a designer, an advice columnist, an astrologer, a theater artist, or an eco-therapist help you with?  Just ask!

Our approach

We’re not about technical how-to’s, but we do help you think and learn. We won’t teach you “the five ways to meet a partner" - we'll explore what love is and how you think about it. We won’t teach you to manage a checkbook or advise you about how to invest - we'll open up your values around money, your emotional relationship to spending, saving, and earning, and how what’s in your bank account is connected to what’s happening in your life. We won’t teach you how to get a job - we'll dig into the shifting landscape of work and what it means that how and where we make and earn are changing so profoundly. We’re about the values of, not (just) the tools for, our lives. We may be the only place in the Bay Area that gives a platform for life-long learning about life.

Our practitioners are writers, artists, designers, generalists, and other cultural practitioners. We draw from psychology and other traditional wellness fields, but we also use culture, the humanities, and sciences to help us think about our lives in a way that speaks to our curiosity as human beings and from the breadth and depth of knowledge about the human experience. We have people who can help us see and feel things differently. Our programs are designed to make ideas personal, to create space in our lives for the big questions, and to bring people together to learn, think and do.