A new public space about our personal lives.

For the curious or the lost, those in need of different ideas or new ways of thinking, we offer an alternative approach to well-being. We love therapy and podcasts, workshops and retreats, but we think there’s a need for something else.

Storefront addresses the modern life issues that affect all of us on a personal level, but we do it together. We help people to find new ways to think, and we connect ideas in ways that have an impact on self and society

We find great people to learn from and with, from all fields. We introduce innovative, thoughtful, and multi-layered ways to think creatively about the practice of our everyday lives.

Playful and engaging, in great pro-social spaces around the Bay Area, we bring people together and create a community around ideas.

And we don’t think any of this should be prohibitively expensive. We make great ideas affordable and great people available to you—whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

Our approach

We’re not about workshops or technical how-to’s. Rather we teach the relational, cultural, historical and social contexts around the issues that make up our everyday lives.

We won’t teach you “five ways to meet a partner,” but we will explore what it means to be committed and why love still matters.

We won’t teach you to manage a checkbook, but we will explore your values around money, your emotional relationship to spending, saving, and earning, and how your bank account is connected to what’s happening in your life.

We won’t teach you how to get a job, but we will help you figure out how to negotiate the shifting work landscape, what your interest is in work, and what a professional life can look like. We’re about the values of, not (just) the tools for, our lives.

Our practitioners are writers, thinkers, artists, designers, educators, therapists, coaches, and more. We draw from psychology and other traditional wellness fields, but we also use culture, the humanities, and sciences to help us think about our lives in a way that speaks to our curiosity as human beings and from the breadth and depth of knowledge about the human experience.

We offer new therapeutic approaches, drawing on practitioners from diverse fields who can help us see and feel things differently, and we look at the world in which we live in addition to ourselves.

And we try to do it in a way that is beautifully designed, in a language that makes sense, without being hokey. We look for the serious, but we also aim to be playful and engaging. At Storefront, we’re interested in beautiful, challenging, transformative perspectives on how to live a meaningful life. 

Who are we for?

Anyone who is intellectually and emotionally curious, who wants a life of ideas, to stay engaged, and have an active life of the mind

Anyone who is stuck, stressed, struggling one way or another, lonely, maybe even a little anxious or depressed

Anyone who has a subject on their minds—family, money, relationships—and needs specific support